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Interested in growing a thriving career as a psychedelic integration specialist? Get access to our Psychedelic Integration Career Explorer Workshop, and learn what vocational options are available to you in the emerging psychedelic sector.

This Workshop includes:

  • On-demand access to 6 Psychedelic Integration Career Explorer training modules
  • Study guides and handouts for self-reflective journaling
  • The Psychedelic Integration Career Guide
  • Survey of Professional Training Programs for Integration Specialists
  • PLUS - 5 Bonus Interviews with integration specialists with decades of experience!

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Innovative, insightful and enjoyable. A great opportunity to learn more about the past, present and future of shamanism and the use of psychedelic plant medicines. It was such a joy to witness the open sharing of information and the push to educate and uplift the community. Whether you're interested in traditional practices, modern research or just want to learn more about how the path of shamanism can help you in your own life, this course has much to offer and is a great source of knowledge and inspiration for the journey.
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant

I was enamoured by the course due to Lorna’s intellect, her comprehension of the vast array of topics she covered and her ability to connect with shamanic perspectives from so many different walks of life. Her interviews were able to bring out the best in all of her guests for listeners to enjoy. It was a wonderful experience to be part of such a gathering of entheogenic practitioners and other complementary modalities. Lorna’s broad spectrum of knowledge and hard work were evident in the quality product that she produced. At a time of global emergence of the use of entheogenic substances, this topic, and the responsible and ethical use of entheogenic substances, is perhaps of greater relevance than ever before.
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant

I was very impressed with the knowledge of presenters. I could tell they were speaking from their heart and have a genuine love for others who are still searching. I will be anxiously awaiting the next event and hope to learn even more. Thank you so much for your hard work. One love, always.
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant
Here's what you'll get:

60 digital recordings of indigenous interviews, expert sessions, and live panel discussions, as downloadable MP4 video files

Can Psychedelics Heal the World? Handbook - your top-level view of the new frontier of mental health

The Guidance of Yajé - Ancestral Siekopai Medicine - a 20-minute indigenous-produced documentary about the Siekopai nation

Novo Futuro - Huni Kuin Renaissance - a 20-minute documentary about the Huni Kuin indigenous community

20+ hours of bonus digital trainings, meditations, and guided journeys from thought leaders, experts, and teachers

12 Sacred Sound Celebration music performances - HQ recordings

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There was valuable information for seasoned voyagers and newbies alike. The speakers all had valuable insights from their years of experience working with entheogens and the topics covered were diverse and inclusive. The highlight for me was to see the underlying cohesion of emerging shamanic & entheogenic culture and gaining a better understanding of its scope. Hours of intriguing listening to be sure!
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant

This was the highlight of my year! I was blown away by the quality of the content and the integrity of the program, with a diverse array of captivating speakers. It was an incredible gift to learn directly from master medicine practitioners all over the world. It helped me to better understand my own calling and deepen my relationship with the plant teachers in my personal journey, and each talk left me feeling excited and inspired to learn more. This was a huge service to the medicines and to Pachamama at a time when this work is entering mainstream consciousness like never before.
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant

Very informative series that gave me a new perspective on everything ranging from counseling, plant medicine business aspects, environmental concerns, medical issues, kick ass connections and free gifts from the vanguard of the industry... all from the comfort of my own home.
Plant Spirit Summit Attendant